October 12, 2019

Looking to give your existing corporate video a makeover? 

That’s a great way to recycle content and save some money in the process too!

Videos provide a better alternative to brochures and enable you to engage audiences better. If you’re looking to use the video you already have, it’s important that your key messages come across clearly at all points.

Here are our top 3 tips:

  1. Length: The shorter the better. Keep your video as concise as possible and ensure that it doesn’t run longer than a minute and a half, maybe two at a push. Showcase your best footage, concepts or interviews right at the start.
  2. Sound: At exhibitions, for instance, there will be a lot of background noise, which makes including any music or voice over, somewhat pointless. You may not have speakers attached to your presentation screen or be permitted to use sound on your stand. So, make sure all the information is presented visually through text and graphics.
  3. Up-to-date: Perhaps your video is over 2 years old. In that case, you should ensure that the video incorporates your latest company logo, corporate colors and is aligned with other branding items such as brochures, so that it looks up-to-date and showcases your company in the right light.

If you need your exiting video reedited or ideas on how to get a new one made within 7 days, we can help.

From consulting and guiding you on the right approach, to concept creation, scripting, production, taking care of all the logistics up until editing, post production and delivery of the final video file, we take care of everything for you. 

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