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Digital social campaigns help growing businesses, enterprise brands, and everything in-between sell more online. As the number of people who regularly use social media networks and platforms continues to grow, digital and social media marketing campaigns are now the best way for brands to target an increasingly mobile, social consumer base. Before launching their first digital initiative, however, companies should understand the basic definition of social media marketing campaigns and what makes a social media marketing campaign successful.

The goal of social media marketing campaigns is to increase brand awareness, customer engagement, and brand affinity. To accomplish this, brands employ various strategies—branded hashtags, user-generated content, contests, viral content, and/or highly-shareable photos, videos, or branded features—to transform audiences into active brand participants and ambassadors.

What makes a good digital and social media campaign?

Here’s what we think:

Defining clear campaign goals and key performance indicators (i.e. determining what will make a campaign “successful”) Utilizing the right platform or combination of platforms (cross platform or cross-channel) for the target audience/demographic.

 Developing a strong call-to-action to get social media users involved
Creating an incentive to generate engagement (i.e. promotions, giveaways, etc.)
Engaging with social media audiences in real-time during the campaign
 Cross-promoting the campaign across all social media channels and digital properties