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A huge part of how a company markets and writes content depends upon its target audience. However, the same audience might be looking for a different experience when they come to print versus online content.


When it comes to print copy, such as magazines or newspapers, the reader has most likely invested effort and money in obtaining it. Many may pay for a subscription, whereas lots of people can just sign up for free online. Your digital article however is a simple click away, surrounded by a host of other articles much the same.


Digital readers do not actually read web pages, they scan and pick out the useful headers and individual words. Use this to your advantage and control the reader by introducing section breaks, clear topical and relevant headings, highlighted key words, sub headings and bullet points.

Pull Quotes

Pull quotes are a great way to present actionable tips or highlights in a snippet-like away. They allow people to join your content at different moments with pull quotes, make it simple to scan and easily navigable – grab attention and keep it.


One of the biggest print tips is to make the most of the visuals that you use. Rich, colourful graphics can draw people towards your content and encourage them to stick with it. Use attractive visuals to fill your readers with intrigue to learn why that visual is relevant.

Strong Headlines

Print media relies on brilliant and bold headlines to attract readers. Work on creating headlines for your content that will introduce a piece in an arresting way. You also need to think about the types of hook-lines you’ll use when promoting your content on social channels

Bullet-point Lists

Using bullet-point lists throughout your content is one of the best ways to break up lots of texts and keep things flowing and interesting. Engaging content is the cornerstone of your content success, so get in touch with us for all print media content such as magazine articles, opinion pieces, brochures, leaflets and the like!